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How to Insulate a Garage

Save Energy, Improve Air Quality & Protect Your Belongings

Does your garage have enough insulation — or any insulation at all? Whether you spend a lot of time in your garage, use it to store cars, have tons of items stored away inside it or barely remember it exists, there is an appropriate amount of insulation you should have in each situation — and it’s probably more than you think. Today, we’ll talk about what insulation your garage should have, why your garage needs insulation even if you don’t use it often and why you probably shouldn’t DIY insulation installation.

Why Insulate My Garage?

Texas weather isn’t for the faint of heart. Very few people live comfortably in the San Antonio area without heavy cooling, a decent amount of heating and good insulation. Without a way to keep the weather at bay, even if you don’t broil in the summer heat, you’ll have to face air pollution, moisture, pests and mold attracted to that moisture and a host of other headaches.

Your garage isn’t any different from the rest of your house — and if it’s poorly insulated, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a rather unpleasant place to be when the weather turns. What you may not have realized is how much this matters, even if you’re not going in there often or only passing through quickly to get in your car.

If you use your garage a lot, you probably get why you should insulate it; it’d be nice not to need to stand directly in front of a box fan the entire time you’re in there working, wouldn’t it? But even if you only use it for storage, you want good insulation to protect everything you’re storing away. Moisture from the humid summer will destroy anything susceptible to mold, rust and pests. And while cold winters aren’t the first threat that comes to mind in Texas, cold weather can nonetheless wreak havoc on an unprotected garage.

But even those who don’t use their garages at all should consider effective insulation — if only against the walls and ceiling of your garage, the surfaces it shares with your home proper. If your home has lax insulation in those walls or floors, your poorly insulated garage can create a direct route for all the heat, moisture, etc., to come straight into your home.

Why Not DIY It?

So, you understand why you need to insulate your garage, but maybe you think you can DIY it and be done with it, especially if you don’t care what your garage looks like or have some DIY experience under your belt. But effective insulation means sealing every nook and cranny on the relevant surface to fully provide a barrier against heat, moisture and air transfer. Small gaps can create crevices that encourage water damage that will eat away at your insulation, create spaces for pests and generally cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

A professional insulation company will tackle the job with the experience, tools and combination of insulation types necessary to get your garage properly sealed to whatever degree you require — and do it while keeping your garage looking great.

Learn More About Your Options

Interested in having your garage’s insulation needs assessed, or have questions you’d like answered by a professional? The team at IBP San Antonio can help you understand your options for insulation and provide you with an estimate in no time.

Reach out to us at 210-201-1366 or contact us online to get started.

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