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How Much Insulation Does Your Home Need?

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When the temperatures start to climb during the hot San Antonio summers, you need your home to stay cool and comfortable. You may have a reliable air conditioner, but it can’t cool efficiently if your home has air leaks or poor quality insulation.

Insulation works as a barrier between your home and outside. It will keep your cool air in and drafts, insects, and allergens out. The experts at Installed Building Products San Antonio are here to address all your insulation needs.

We’re dedicated to helping you make your San Antonio home as comfortable as possible. We serve each customer with integrity, and we only use high-quality products.

Call IBP San Antonio at 210-201-1366 today to schedule your insulation appointment.

Understanding Your Home’s Insulation Needs

Did you know different homes need different amounts of insulation? It’s true! The amount of insulation your home needs primarily depends on two factors: 

  • The region of the U.S. you live in. The hotter the climate where you live, the more specialized your insulation needs to be. In hot climates like San Antonio, homeowners need insulation to protect their homes against extreme heat.
  • The area of your home that needs to be insulated. Long gone are the days when we only insulated exterior walls. Now, exterior and interior walls are insulated to help with energy efficiency and noise control. Interior walls need different types and amounts of insulation than exterior walls. Attics and basements should also be considered when determining your insulation needs.

What Is R-Value?

When people talk about insulation, R-value (thermal resistance) is the term that comes up the most. R-value describes the insulation’s resistance to conductive heat flow. In other words, the higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation is.

R-value depends on the insulation’s:

  • Type or material
  • Thickness
  • Density

Keep in mind that using the highest R-value possible may not be right for your home or project. Not every home, or even every area in the same home, needs the same level of insulation to keep the home comfortable and energy-efficient.

For example, if you want to insulate your attic, your contractor will need to know if you’re adding to insulation that’s already there, or if the space has no insulation. A space with insulation will need a different R-value than an attic without any insulation. Floor insulation typically has a different R-value as well.

It can be confusing to understand the difference between R-values, what it means for your home’s efficiency, and which R-value to choose. That’s why hiring experienced insulation contractors for your project is best. The pros at IBP San Antonio will help you understand what insulation you need and why.

Types of Home Insulation

There are many insulation options for your home. At IBP San Antonio, we’re experts at the various insulation products on the market. Our products include:

Each of these has its benefits, and it may help to discuss with a professional which option is best for your family, home and budget.

Choose IBP San Antonio for Your Insulation Needs

If you need insulation for your new home or addition, or if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the insulation experts at IBP San Antonio can help. Our professionals have the experience and training to determine your insulation needs and will install your new insulation quickly.

We offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Let us help you keep your home comfortable all year with the right insulation for you and your family.

Call IBP San Antonio at 210-201-1366 to schedule your insulation appointment today.

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